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PayCheck Web Express Overview
With Paycheck WebXpressTM, payday is just three clicks away. Paycheck WebXpress is a web-based payroll and human resources management application that makes payroll and HR as easy as 1-2-3. Employees can use the employee self-service interface to easily view and modify their data. Upgrades and maintenance is provided for you at no additional cost.

Security is not a problem because Paycheck WebXpress uses a 128 bit SSL encryption, and no additional software is needed. The best feature of Paycheck WebXpress is that it is available anytime and anywhere for your use.

Product Specification (PDF)

A Complete Solution For Any Payroll Administrator
  • Secure access to corporate payroll and HR data anywhere, anytime, from any web browser.
  • Completely modifiable employee profile including demographics, department and position, rates and autopays, deductions, taxes, labor distribution, accruals and direct deposits.
  • Complete access to company information including demographics, department structure, earnings, deductions, taxes and much more.
Feature-Rich Payroll Data Entry
  • Batch payentry screen for quick data entry, and employee payentry screen for detailed information on a check.
  • Customizable payroll entry screens allow individual users to decide which fields are shown during data entry.
  • Timeclock imports allow quick data entry directly through a web browser.
  • Preprocess register delivered directly to web browser via PDF.
  • Manual check capability allows for checks to be printed outside of regular payroll cycle.
Employee Information
  • Employee data includes demographics, earnings, deductions, taxes, prior checks and more.
  • Secure access
  • All pertinent company and employee data available in easy to use form.
  • Employees can review all personal data including pay history, contact information, position and earnings, deductions, direct deposit information, and accruals.
  • Standard Reports
    • Over 60 Reports available on-site
    • Variety of date range choices (cross years)
  • Output Options
    • Hard copies
    • Data Files
    • emails
Output Formats
  • PDF, Word, Excel, CSV and many more
HR Features
  • Employee Self Service
  • Five Levels of Organizational Setup
  • Track Education Levels
  • Track Dependents
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Events
  • EEOC Classification
  • Union Affiliation
  • Review Tracking
Complete Payroll Anytime and Anywhere
  • On your laptop
  • In your office
  • In your house
  • No need to ever run back to your office to do payroll
Additional Benefits
  • Automatic GTL Calculation
  • Secure Printback Capabilities
  • Auto Extend Calendar with one time setup, detailed tracking and easy maintenance
  • Job Costing
  • Unlimited EE Direct Deposits
  • Smart Taxes
  • Date Sensitive
  • Up-to-Date Federal, State and Local Taxes
  • Print checks in almost any order